September 2

Foundations, Concrete and What You Should Expect from Every Contractor!


I can’t wait for you to meet today’s guest, as he is someone that I admire so much because of the ethics he displays. Evan from Saber Foundation Repair is here to talk about the hard conversations that need to be had when a homeowner enters into a relationship with a contractor, and the way that he and the team at Saber treat each and every client like a neighbor.

As Sales Manager at Saber, Evan has six years’ experience in home construction and remodeling. He also has 12 years’ experience in commercial property management, which included three years as a sales and operations management consultant. Evan is a Licensed Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS).

Evan fits in well with Saber and its mission: “To lead our industry by providing the highest quality work and ‘WOW!’ service every time.” He brings a great amount of enthusiasm to our design team, and is committed to ensuring that each homeowner receives a permanent solution to their problem. “We’re working for a company that delivers and stands behind its work,” he said.

We cover so much in this conversation, and it is my hope that by listening to this episode, you’ll be more informed and confident about the big decisions that must be made when you look at doing repairs or renovations to your home.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Evan started out in the industry, where he and his company are now, and the values that the team stands for [0:45]
  • What to look for in contractors and what specific questions to ask as a homeowner [1:37]
  • How to know which professionals to hire for foundation or concrete issues, and when to make the call to a professional [6:18]
  • Identifying when to use a specialist, semi-specialist, or general contractor for your project [11:40]
  • What does a “lifetime warranty” even mean and what it is subjected to [18:01]
  • Why Evan recommends always having the difficult conversations with the homeowner, and the importance of setting realistic expectation [25:49]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Just because someone says that they are a contractor, it doesn’t mean that they have the specialized licenses or the specialized materials to do specific types of work.” - Evan Share on X “If they can’t explain to you in terms that you can understand and what is causing the problem, and exactly how they are going to fix it, that is probably the first place to start.” - Evan Share on X “Take {the homeowners} on the journey with you. That is why we do these thorough inspections.” - Evan Share on X “We ingrain all of our new hires from day one that we are redefining the contractor industry.” - Evan Share on X

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