September 9

Secrets and Tips for Choosing a General Contractor from a Thirty Year Master Builder!


Have you ever had your contractor not show up, or maybe they did and the work you got wasn’t what you expected, or even wanted? I think just about everybody listening can say that they’ve had a remodeling nightmare, which is why this conversation with today’s guest, Jeff Bremner of J Builders, is so relevant.

Today we are going over tons of tips and tricks to avoid remodeling nightmares and scams, and Jeff reveals the best ways to choose your contractors, while identifying red flags with subcontractors that may arise during the process.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on how homeowners can identify good contractors for a renovation or remodel [2:10]
  • The importance of really digging into your subcontractors in order to protect yourself [6:15]
  • Jeff’s experience working with difficult homeowners, and the impact this can have on the timeline of the job [10:52]
  • Why homeowners should be visiting on site, and the reasons that it’s important to understand the process – and not just the end product [17:02]
  • What kind of questions homeowners can ask contractors about potential issues that might arise with remodeling, and the headaches that can be avoided by doing this [22:23]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Try to go by a job site that is active, where the contractor has guys on site. Walk the job site with the contractor and then also try to walk the job site without the contractor.” - Jeff Bremner Share on X “I have learned to have that change order ready to go. Get your pricing down and get that signature.” - Jeff Bremner Share on X “You don’t want to design these things on the fly and figure these things out in the field.” - Jeff Bremner Share on X “Get to know your contractor. The pre-construction meetings are extremely important and are a good connection between client and contractor.” - Jeff Bremner Share on X

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