September 23

What To Know When Selecting ANY Materials As a Homeowner!


I’m really excited about today’s episode, because my guest Jeremy has a very unique perspective as someone who is involved from the beginning of a construction project to completion. When issues arise, Jeremy springs to action and helps all parties involved figure things out, to the benefit of everyone involved.

Jeremy is a material representative for the largest building materials supplier in California, and what he shares in this episode is a behind-the-scenes perspective of the process from someone with his boots on the ground.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The way that Jeremy initially got into construction, and what’s kept him in the industry for all these years [1:09]
  • What he feels he possesses that has had the most impact in his success [4:58]
  • The importance of thinking “outside of the box” as a contractor, and how to tell if your contractor is open to different concepts [6:13]
  • Jeremy’s best advice to avoid getting scammed by a contractor [10:04]
  • Some of the biggest red flags and scams that he has seen during his career [11:28]
  • Jeremy’s “Do’s and Don’ts” for hiring professionals to work on your next project [16:57]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I love being in the process from start to finish. As a contractor, you can come in at the 11th hour, or you can be in at the beginning. If somebody has a crazy idea, I can help make it real and see it through.” - Jeremy Douglas Click To Tweet “Contracting has been around generation after generation, and it’s not something that adapts very well.” - Jeremy Douglas Click To Tweet “You have to have a contractor that can think outside the box, as opposed to the guy stuck in his ways and who is going to come into your job and try to change it.” - Jeremy Douglas Click To Tweet “You have to do your research. You can’t just hire somebody off of their words.” - Jeremy Douglas Click To Tweet “You have to make sure that you’re getting a contractor that’s bidding jobs properly and building it properly, or else the low guy is going to be the high guy.” - Jeremy Douglas Click To Tweet

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