September 30

Why You Need a Home Inspection (Even If You’re Not Buying a Home)


Home Inspections are important, but not just for buyers and sellers of homes as you may think. Our guests today, Paul and Michael from Elite Group Inspection Professionals, and they are here to show why having annual home inspections and maintenance work is highly recommended for homeowners. By doing so, you’ll retain the quality and value of your home from an unbiased source, and today you’ll learn the ins and outs about inspections from the true professionals!

Since 1984, Elite Group has been dedicated to educating homeowners about the importance of quality home inspection services. Their passion for excellence has made us the inspection agency of choice for many of the top brokers and real estate agents in California.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The important differences in contractor inspections versus home inspection companies [1:32]
  • Up-leveled tech for inspections and how the Elite Group has grown in over 30 years of business [5:17]
  • How being experts in a field is really about making it a priority to focus on education [6:52]
  • The times when you need to get a home inspection, outside of when you are purchasing a home [9:51]
  • How indoor air quality is very underrated by homeowners, that why it should be part of your regular maintenance [16:44]
  • The specific questions to ask when hiring a home inspector to ensure you’re hiring the right professional and company [20:37]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Home inspectors are focused on the building science for the age that the home was built.” - Elite Group Inspection Professionals Share on X “The key I think, to the success of the Elite Group overall, is just investing in technology and investing in the education of our people.” - Elite Group Inspection Professionals Share on X “Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a small fee, under $500, to have someone come out and give you an unbiased opinion about what is wrong?” - Elite Group Inspection Professionals Share on X

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