October 7

Listen To This BEFORE Hiring Any Stucco Contractors


Whether you’re a novice or a plastering pro, there are many ways for a plastering job to go wrong. However, with the right tools, techniques, and confidence, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the results you desire from the start. Our guest today is Pete from King Plastering Corp, an expert in this industry who will be sharing the dos and don’ts of plastering and stucco so you’ll be prepared for any situation.

King Plastering Corporation is a boutique plastering business that offers quality craftsmanship, and they strive to deliver the ultimate experience for homeowners. In this episode, you will learn how to properly navigate curing times for plaster, the correct time to call in a professional, and how to prevent cracking in the most efficient way possible.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate the correct terminology to use for plastering, stucco, and more. [1:10]
  • When to hire a professional for your plastering job. [4:00]
  • What you need to be aware of in terms of curing times for plastering. [6:25]
  • Whether you should paint stucco. [11:40]
  • What to do if it cracks. [15:30]
  • Three questions to ask any plastering contractor. [17:24]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Stucco cracks, and listen, we do everything in our power to prevent cracks … but cracks happen.” - Pete from King Plastering Corp Share on X “If you get a good contractor that’s there every day, they’ll do it right.” - Pete from King Plastering Corp Share on X “If you walk around and at the base of your house, you’re seeing big cracks at the bottom and it runs all the way up, then you probably want to get it checked out. But I wouldn’t be afraid if you just see a small crack.” - Pete from… Share on X

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