October 14

Homeowner: Should You Sell, Rent, Or Reinvest?


Corrie Sommers is a Luxury Realtor® specializing in luxury homes, new construction, sellers, first-time home buyers, and mid-century modern homes. Committed to arming her clients with information about buying and selling, Corrie has a YouTube channel dedicated to empowering people to make the right choice. Today she joins the show to discuss the current landscape of the realtor industry, including whether we should relocate or invest in our homes during the uptick in property prices.

Listen in as Corrie explains the importance of truly understanding your home’s value before making a decision on selling. You will learn when an appropriate time to downsize your home is, when you should modernize your home, and how to know if you can trust an agent or contractor. If you’re thinking about buying, selling, or renting your property, this is the episode for you.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The current pricing of property. [00:43]
  • How to navigate the renting versus purchasing landscape. [4:50]
  • When you should hire a contractor to potentially upgrade your home. [6:40]
  • How to make the decision to remodel or add-on. [9:26]
  • How to make your money work for you. [13:50]
  • Where the rental market is currently. [16:40]
  • What to look for in a real estate agent. [22:00]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It’s always a good idea to know what your value actually is.” - Corrie Sommers Share on X “Take the time to fix the little things, because if you take the time to do the little things, it’s little money. But if you wait, those little things can add up.” - Corrie Sommers Share on X “Hopefully, you get an agent that will give you the facts.” - Corrie Sommers Share on X

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