October 21

How To Know If You Need An Architect For Your Project


Nidal Hamida has always enjoyed the combination of art and engineering, leading him to a career path in architecture. With an eye for detail, he followed his passions and is now the Founder of the firm Hamida Architects. Today, he will be joining the show to discuss how to identify if an architect is right for you and some of the common missteps to avoid when hiring someone for the job.

Listen in as Nidal explains what differentiates a good architect from a not-so-good architect, as well as how psychology ties into all of this. You will learn the right time to hire an architect over a contractor, what you should share with your architect before they start designing, and how to judge an architect.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify a qualified architect. [1:43]
  • What your architect should be aware of before you start working with them. [5:05]
  • When you should hire a contractor over an architect. [8:01]
  • The best time to hire an architect. [13:10]
  • The most common projects architects are hired for. [17:02]
  • How to judge an architect. [19:45]
  • The typical process for hiring an architect. [25:45]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The more experienced and seasoned an architect is, the more they bring to the table.” - Nidal Hamida Click To Tweet “I think it’s a married collaboration between the client, the architect, the contractor, and all the engineers on board to make a product at the end.” - Nidal Hamida Click To Tweet “An architect comes in when a vision needs to be satisfied.” - Nidal Hamida Click To Tweet

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