October 28

Water Leaks, Mold, Or Living Things In Your Walls: What To Do?


Dave Schuelke is the President of Twin Home Experts, a company he runs with his brother that is dedicated to providing fast, reliable service to homes and businesses in Los Angeles, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. Today Dave joins the show to discuss leak detection, covering everything from water penetration in the home to issues with the plumbing or sewage. Where the water pools is not necessarily where the water is coming in, so in this episode, he will be sharing his best advice for what to do if you are in this situation.

Listen in as Dave explains the importance of not making assumptions as to where the leak is coming from, instead ensuring that you have the exact location. You will learn the technology that leak detectors should have access to, when you should be concerned about odors in the home, and how often you need to check for leaks.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • What to know if you’re hiring someone to detect a leak. [1:23]
  • How to find an expert to help you with a leak. [5:38]
  • The technology your expert should have before you hire them. [7:01]
  • What to do if you are experiencing sewer odor in your home. [10:05]
  • How often you should be getting leak checks for your home. [13:45]
  • Dave’s experience with rat infestations. [18:05]
  • How to navigate a rodent infestation in your home. [23:30]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I would encourage anyone out there who owns a home, who is having a very tricky leak—don’t make assumptions, figure out exactly where that leak is, and then go from there.” - Dave Schuelke Click To Tweet “If you’ve got a roofer or somebody telling you that {the leak} has got to be this, then they need to be held accountable to make sure that you’re going to get a refund.” - Dave Schuelke Click To Tweet “{You should be getting leaks} checked out—at a minimum—once a year, or maybe even every six months.” - Dave Schuelke Click To Tweet

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