November 4

Home Redesign with COVID in Mind!


Gail Jamentz is a seasoned designer with 20 years of experience and the owner of Soul Interiors Design. Gail believes that architectural space has the potential to be a unique, curated environment that will help you experience a more expansive, healthy, and joyful life. Today she joins the show to share how to create a home that supports your mental well-being while also looking beautiful so that you can live your best life.

Listen in as she explains how COVID changed the way people are wanting their homes designed, as well as the difference between an interior designer and a decorator. You will learn how to hire the right interior designer for you, when you should look into getting a professional consultation, and how to avoid wasting time or money while remodeling your home.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • What a healthy home is and how to create one. [00:55]
  • How COVID shifted the interior design landscape. [2:09]
  • When you should hire a designer. [4:28]
  • What to be aware of when working with contractors and designers. [9:30]
  • The benefit of pursuing a consultation. [14:20]
  • How to hire the right designer for you. [16:25]
  • When a designer should be involved in the remodeling of your home. [19:30]
  • The importance of having a good relationship with your designer. [22:00]
  • What you should expect when hiring a designer. [26:25]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“You’ve got to be able to think on your feet and pivot.” - Gail Jamentz Share on X “We’re trying to create a beautiful environment and add value to the property.” - Gail Jamentz Share on X “It’s really important to have a good team, and I can’t stress that enough.” - Gail Jamentz Share on X

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