November 18

Legal Experts for Contractors and Homeowners Weigh In: Best Ways to Protect You and Your Home


Today we have two special guests: Gerald Malanga of LML Law Group, who predominantly represents homeowners, and Steven Lovett of the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett, who predominantly represents contractors. Both have experience on both sides of the fence, and they join the show to discuss the common mistakes homeowners make when hiring a contractor—and how to avoid these mistakes to protect yourself and your home.

Listen in as Gerald and Steven explain how to identify an unethical contractor and the importance of making educated decisions around hiring contractors for home improvements. You will learn about the benefit of looking at reviews before hiring, who is looking out for homeowners, and what to do if you start to see a problem.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Gerald’s background in law and working with homeowners. [00:45]
  • Steven’s background working with contractors. [1:50]
  • Where homeowners typically fall short with unethical contractors. [4:05]
  • The importance of making educated decisions for home improvements. [9:50]
  • How to do your due diligence in terms of hiring. [13:10]
  • How vulnerable homeowners are. [20:20]
  • Why you should consult with an expert as soon as you identify a problem. [28:00]
  • Whether the recent law changes around contractors could impact the amount of lawsuits that happen. [33:10]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“No one is immune to the problems they can face with their contractor.” - Gerald Malanga Click To Tweet “Contractors have to wear the white hat and follow the law.” - Steven Lovett Click To Tweet “It’s important to do your homework.” - Steven Lovett Click To Tweet

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