December 2

Creating an Outdoor Oasis – How To Maximize Your Outdoor Space


As the pandemic became more prevalent, everyone started spending more time outdoors. Inviting people into the backyard became standard practice to ensure the safety of all parties involved. With this grew an appreciation for the concept of an outdoor oasis and creating a back (or front) yard space that was welcoming and vibrant. So, in this episode, Dino Giancanelli, the owner of DG Landworks and a landscape contractor veteran with 35 years of experience, will be joining the show to share his advice for anyone looking to maximize their outdoor space.

Listen in as Dino explains some of the common trends he is seeing in the outdoor improvement arena, as well as his advice for anyone looking to make minor but game-changing differences in their outdoor space. You will learn what is working, what is not, and what you should consider before beginning an outdoor space improvement.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The shift Dino has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. [1:15]
  • What you should know before attempting a outdoor improvement. [4:50]
  • What elements you should consider improving in your outdoor space. [8:05]
  • Where you should spend more money and where you shouldn’t. [15:50]
  • What people are asking for most in terms of outdoor improvements. [18:00]
  • The amount of gardens that are currently being put into outdoor spaces. [24:30]
  • How to find the right landscape contractor for you. [26:35]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“People say they don’t want to spend money on their backyard because they don’t go out there often, but the reason they don’t go out there often is because the space is not enjoyable.” - Dino Giancanelli Click To Tweet “The cost of having a designer saves you in the long run.” - Dino Giancanelli Click To Tweet “If a designer is going to give a referral to a contractor, I think that's probably the best referral you can get.” - Dino Giancanelli Click To Tweet

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