September 16

Everything You NEED To Know About Permits As a Homeowner!


Today’s guest is Sean Enright, and he is someone that I like to think of as “The Permit Guy!” Sean knows a thing or two about protecting the best interests of homeowners who are completing renovation projects. Whether it is an ADU, bathroom, kitchen remodel or project needing multiple permits or complicated designs, Sean is the guy to turn to. In this episode, he reveals the ways in which hiring an owner’s representative to manage a project can save homeowners time, money, and an incredible amount of stress!

Sean Enright is a third-generation construction professional whose grandfather was a real-estate developer and father a general contractor. His formal background is in Architecture and Urban Planning. Out of school, Sean worked for a division of KOHLER through the late nineties developing a kitchen solution for multifamily projects. This experience brought him to San Francisco to help develop an offshore supply chain for high-rise luxury condominiums through Europe and Asia (case goods, solid surface, plumbing fixtures & FF&E). In the past few years, as an owner representative he has been working on a wide variety of projects in downtown Los Angeles, including condo conversions, hotel conversions, commercial pools, hardscape design, retail tenant improvement, commercial restaurants and more.

Almost everyone has had, or knows someone who has had a contractor horror story, but as Sean shares, with the right people on your side you really don’t have to be scared to take on your next home project!

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sean’s own background and beginnings in construction [0:31]
  • Why he says that construction isn’t for everybody, but how he’s come to appreciate the opportunity and early experiences he had in working with his family on job sites [2:27]
  • The importance of integrity in the construction industry, and the challenge homeowners face in finding people who will stand behind their word and deliver [3:57]
  • How to know if you need to hire an owner’s representative, and the true value that this professional can provide to you [6:37]
  • What to consider if you just hire an architect-engineer and general contractor to do a project [10:45]
  • Sean’s advice to homeowners for navigating this process with confidence [15:52]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“That’s why I created The Undercover Contractor, because I was sick and tired of seeing homeowners who work hard for their money getting scammed by contractors who just got in that business to make money.” - @THEUCCPODCAST Share on X “It’s not for everybody. Construction is very, very difficult. It requires a lot of discipline, determination, and physical grit.” - Sean Enright Share on X “You have to have strong integrity to be a legitimate contractor. It’s hard to measure that, especially as a homeowner. Who has legitimacy? Who are the ethical people?” - Sean Enright Share on X “If you’re going to take on a project and hire an architect-engineer and a general contractor to do a project, you have to manage them as an owner. If you’re not prepared to manage them, you have to bring someone in to do that.” -… Share on X “The homeowner wants to hear the lowest price, and the contractor wants to give the homeowner the lowest price, but in reality, that’s not how it works.” - Sean Enright Share on X “Think of the end goal. The end goal is not to design a project and get a permit, it’s to have the whole job done” - @THEUCCPODCAST Share on X

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