November 11

Do’s and Don’ts of Drought Tolerant Landscaping


With many years of drought behind us (and potentially many more years to come), it is important for landscapers and homeowners to rethink what plants are being used in their residential landscapes. So how do we build drought tolerant landscapes—and is it possible to do so without ridding our gardens of the beauty of plants? Today Evan Meyer, Executive Director at Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants, will be joining the show to discuss how to create eco-friendly, wellness-enhancing, and visually pleasing landscapes for your home.

Listen in as Evan explains which plants are drought tolerant and why he believes using native plants in your garden is far more beneficial than introduced or invasive species. You will learn how proper landscaping can help the environment, how you can rid your garden of mosquitoes, and how you can attract the fauna that you want in your backyard.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What drought tolerant landscaping is. [1:15]
  • The benefit of creating drought tolerant landscapes. [3:00]
  • The power of surrounding yourself with nature and plants. [6:20]
  • Popular plants that are also low-water. [9:50]
  • How to rebuild nature in the places that we live. [11:45]
  • Why there isn’t more of an emphasis of native plants in today’s society. [15:05]
  • Where to begin when searching for native plants. [17:50]
  • Where Evan thinks landscape architecture is headed. [21:30]
  • Why you shouldn’t feel hesitant to educate yourself about native plants. [26:00]

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Drought has become the norm, not the exception.” - Evan Meyer Share on X “When you spend time in nature, it kind of recharges your battery.” - Evan Meyer Share on X “{Drought landscaping} isn’t harder—it’s just a different way of doing things.” - Evan Meyer Share on X

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